Pillar Point Electronics, Inc. - UFS-T and UFS-AN
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PPE's UFS-AN Sesnor (L) and UFS-T Sensor (R).

Builders wanting to provide their own indicators can purchase the UFS-AN and UFS-T sensors separately from the kits shown elsewhere in this website. These are infrared based sensors that can measure fuel, water, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, and most other liquids that don't contain particulate materials. (Particulates can attach and accumulate on prism and cause false indications of air.) The UFS-AN is designed for in-tank applications; the UFS-T is designed for in-line applications.

The PPE UFS line of sensors have three outputs: a 0 to +V "flashing" output that can be used with PPE's IND Alarm Indicator or the POPO indicator, a pull-to-ground output that can be connected to annunciators or other indicating devices, and a "logic-level" output that can be used with logic circuits. The UFS sensors also feature a built-in test capability. When the PTT line is activated, a small additional current is sent to the IR emitter, forcing an "air" signal to be detected and indicated on the indicator. This is a true end-to-end test of the sensing system, not just a test of the light bulb as most press-to-test circuits provide. The UFS sensors also have an "acknowledge" feature; if the PTT line is momentarily given power, the alarm is cleared until the UFS sensor is power-cycled. The "acknowledge" feature allows an alarm to be indicated and then cleared by the operator to avoid a constant alarm indication.

To see how these sensors work, check the FAQs.

FYI - For those who are replacing one of the older Pillar Point Avionics UFS-Ts:
We have increased the size of the ports on the UFS-T for better flow. They are 1/4" NPT instead of 1/8" NPT. We have also increased the overall size of the fitting to allow for two holes that can be used for mounting.

Note: Both of these sensors are compatible with the IND or the POPO type indicators. See the indicator page for more detailed information.

Connector and pins are included with each order. Complete wiring instructions are available on the downloads page.

Key Benefits:

  • Immediate warning of the presence of air.
  • Reliable indication of the presence of fuel or other liquids.
  • Low-cost and high value devices.

Description SKU # Price Click to Purchase
Low Fuel Sensor in Male 1/4" NPT Bushing UFS-AN $110.00 ea
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Low Fuel Sensor in PPE Tee (1/4" NPT) UFS-T $130.00 ea
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